MNX Blog / Enterprise Mobile Applications : An end-end Control on your Company Workflow process

Enterprise Mobile Applications : An end-end Control on your Company Workflow process

Enterprise Mobile Applications : An end-end Control on your Company Workflow process

Enterprise Mobile Applications : An end-end Control on your Company Workflow process

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

Mobile Application is a technology which has a made world more simpler way to live. This technology has a huge impact in industrial automation and managing workflow process. Mobile Application can be used to make your regular business work more simpler, trackable and measurable .

Around world 60% of user spend there time on social media on mobile apps. Taking it as a positive things companies/enterprises started integrating mobile app for workflow management internally and externally.

What all the benefits Mobile App can Add to your company ?

1. Mobile App for your sales person to capture data in client location, monitor and track feild agents activities.
2. Mobile App has scanner feature that can be used to manage your inventory by scanning and communicating with databases rather than once person adding it manualy.
3. If you are B2B type company than you can offer Mobile App to your customer, which creates a Brand Value by residing in your customer Mobile phones and helps in direct marketing your services to them
4. Mobile App help your customer to view your products and services from anypart of the world and can purchase it
5. Mobile App can be a used as a communication media in enterprises where lots of communication among the different hierarchy of department happens for daily work flow. Enterprise can built a mobile app similar to watsapp so that employee can be used to communicate, send instructions, share media, share images etc with end to end control over data.
6. It can be a digital catalogue for your company, rather than printing catalogue you can have mobile app to use a digital catalogue to show the products to the customers. Most important if you have a backend system you can add/delete/categorize the product any time
7. Mobile App can be easily integrated to your exisitng ERP and CRM softwares, so not to worry how to change on entire system. It will add better value and quality service to you and your customer by reducing time in many dimensions
8. Mobile App can be worked in both online and offline when internet connectivity is not available. During offline mobile app saves data in local storage once it come online it sync the data to the database through internet
9. Mobile App has greater usage in manufacturers industries where workflow management is a tedious task, Mobile App makes ther workflow easier and simpler
10. Mobile App has a greater usage in Restuarant/Food industries to digitalize the orders and also room services gives a customer better experience. Mobile wallet payconcept makes a payment more simpler than other traditional payment methods
Enterprise where Mobile App Solutions are best suitable are
1. Manufacturers- for workflow managements, Sales App
2. Retailers - Billing and Remote Data Entry
3. Food/Restaurant- Food Order/House keeping Services
4. Services Companies- Sales Person App, Workflow Management, Reporting Tools
5. Service Aggregators- Customers App to book , Vendor App for connecting vendor to customer and Billing App
6. Financial Insitution- App to get Live Update
Mobile App will drive Enterprises workflow and sales operation in best way. Mobile App cost is the only factor that struck you to go for it, think of this one time developement will automate your buisness and you can keep track your buisness on your Mobile phone. If you have started thinking to build mobile app contact us we will provide your Mobile App with better quality and better price.