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Food Ordering Apps

Food Ordering Apps

Food Ordering Apps

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

Ordering food has become so easy with mobile apps. Just think of a day filled with work, and you come home and you are so tired to make food, or go out, and buy food, well, no worries now, because Munchbox is here to the rescue. It is a food ordering app, and you might be wondering what's so special about it. Well, Munchbox allows you to order food from your local restaurants, and get them delivered at your home. One of the unique feature of this app is that, you can order any kind of food that is available in the hotel, that is all kinds of your favorite local food, and also hotel specials are available too.

There are three apps and an admin panel that make this idea work. One app, is which you are using for ordering food, and the other two form a part of the hotel. The hotel app receives the booking, and accepts it. Once accepted, it is automatically assigned to a delivery boy, who has our third app on the list. So that's how Munchbox works in general. With the admin panel, we can control or view the bookings.

So, getting into detail of how the app works, first the customer registers himself and logs in. First thing he sees is a dashboard, where you are shown a list of hotels, within 10 Kilometers. You can search for places too, if you are interested to get hotels around a specific area. On top of the dashboard, you will see Deals given by Munchbox. So you select a hotel from the list of hotels, and it displays the menu of the hotel, here also, you have best deals rolling on top, which are provided by the hotel. You have filters for getting Veggies, if you are a herbivore. Now you just select your foods, add them to the cart, specify the quantity and Checkout.

During check out, you have an option to select the booking type. Munchbox offers different types of booking such as : As soon as possible, Pre Order, if you wish to book earlier, then you have an option called Travel Booking, where you can get your eatables delivered while you travel, you can specify the mode of travel and you can get your food delivered at that spot or junction. And the last type of booking is the Surprise booking, like booking for birthday parties.

Other than instant bookings, you have Bulk booking and also Combo offers. Big orders like Marriage functions can also be booked. Or if you need food for a month, a week or anytime, regularly, they have Food Combos, in which you can see the menu for the week, and make a booking.
Mindnotix has been developing innovative solutions for all needs, and we are great in making apps in this genre.