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How To Promote Your Mobile App For Free?

How To Promote Your Mobile App For Free?

How To Promote Your Mobile App For Free?

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

Have an app in your hand, or you have launched it in the app store and you are looking forward to promote it for free? Let's see how.
First, there are some tasks, which you need to perform before releasing the app, which helps with the apps promotion. They are:

Start with the Logo:
  Your app logo should be designed in such a way that it stands out of the crowd. Make it colorful and attractive. Let it speak more than your app description.
  If you have not launched your app yet, the first thing you need to give is a title that is simple and easy to find for the users. Provide a clear description.
Make Stunning Screenshots:
  A Picture is worth a thousand words, so Take Screen Shots of Your App, and put them along with a description. Don't put plane screenshots alone. Let it contain a description.

Now you can get into the real promotion part:
Respond to Reviews:
  Once your app is out in the store, you will get reviews, so respond to the reviews and consider the feedbacks. This makes the users more comfortable and makes them share your app.
Put Your App in the Signature of Your Email:
  When you send an email, include your app name, its website and download URL in your E mail signature. So, it will reach lot of people who read your email.
Publish on Social Media:
  Put your app in Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, or any Social Media where you have a lot of friends or followers. Add a description and mention the uses of the app, Put Screen shots or a Demo video along with the post.
Participate in App Awards and Expo:
  Never miss an opportunity like App Awards that take place online or Expo that you can show cast your app. Because, there, you will have people who are really interested and you will get a chance to grow your friends circle.
Share the App Download URL:
  Your Friends and Family are the best promoters! Just give them a description about the app and share it with a link Preview or Demo video of your app.
Make a Demo Video:
  Show the features of the app in a demo video. This can also be used in the play store. If a user sees the video and is impressed, he is sure to use your app.