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Mobile robots that can move around in a physical environment. Mobile robots are generally controlled by software and use sensors and can identify their surroundings. Mobile robots are combined with artificial intelligence with physical robotics, which allows them to navigate their surroundings.

Two types of mobile robotic are autonomous and non-autonomous mobile robots. Autonomous mobile robots can explore their environment without external guidance, non-autonomous robots use some type of guidance system to move. Other semi-stationary robots have small range of movement.

The components of a mobile robot are a controller, control software, sensors and actuators. The controller is generally a microprocessor, embedded microcontroller or a personal computer (PC). Mobile control software can be assembly level language or high-level languages such as C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN or special real-time software. 

The sensors used are dependent upon the requirements of the robot. The requirements could be proximity sensing, triangulation ranging, collision avoidance, position location and other specific applications.


1. The mobile robot can perform the tasks faster than the humans and much more consistently and accurately, They become more common each and every day ,
2. The robotic pets can help the patients with depression and they keep them active.
3. They can be used to dig for the fuels, they can be used for mining purposes.
4. They do not require to sleep or take breaks,they are able to function without stopping, the risk of the human health & safety is reduced.


1. The software and the equipment that you need to use with robot cost much money.
2. They need a lot of power supply to activate.
3. The robots can store large amounts of data but the storage,access, retrieval is not as effective as the human brain.
4. The robots are not intelligent, they can never improve the results of their jobs outside of their predefined programming,they do not think,they do not have emotions.