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Smart Cities with Mobile AR

Smart Cities with Mobile AR

Smart Cities with Mobile AR

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

The widely use of mobile devices (e.g., phones, tablets) and emergence of a new generation of devices which are equipped with more accurate sensors and cameras are placed augmented and virtual-reality technologies within reach. Today, one of the main challenges in mobile augmented reality applications design is understanding how our reality is augmented and how the augmentation can be made to fit with the user’s interaction in the world.

France is working on the design of a high-accuracy localization system. This key technology allows for a smooth integration of vision-based techniques in augmented reality applications.

These Applications are very resource-demanding and critically interdependent on the quality of user-location information and environment tracking (e.g., buildings, monuments). Several mobile services based on augmented-reality technologies have already been developed. These can aid navigation, provide information on city events and assist with urban planning issues. 

Augmented reality is the interaction of superimposed data, graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment that is displayed in real time the world we actually see, the world within which we actually work, the world our citizens navigate every day. (AR should not be confused with virtual reality, which places the user in a created, virtual, world).

Using mobile AR in smart cities the transportation, environment, safety, utilities, health, communities, tourism and entertainment and commerce all the departments are developed in technological side.

We Mindnotix technology made such an AR application and move forwarding the next technology and new concept of AR.