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Taxi Mobility

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

When you think of travelling, either to the Railways, Airport, Bus Stop, or are planning a trip, you think of a mode of transport. Well, the first thing you may do is dial up a taxi, which is our traditional way, but what about if you are in a new city or place? You may not get your favorite taxi driver there. You may feel insecure or creepy, to get into a taxi that you are not familiar with. In these kind of situations, you can always choose an app that helps you out. A taxi mobility app offers you a lot of features. you get to know about the service by looking at the ratings and reviews, additionally, you can see the specific drivers rating and feedback, or you could put your contribution by giving a review about your ride, so others may benefit out of it. 

  Well, that's not the only thing you get, there are a lot of offers too, like a free first ride, or promo codes, etc, plus you can schedule or plan your trips too. Most of the Taxi Mobility apps provide Pre Booking services. the apps not only provide the customers a great deal of support, but the people who run the cab services have a very organized way of maintaining their bookings. And with features like GPS tracking, it becomes easy for a taxi service to get the nearest taxi to the customer, thus making bookings fast and efficient. All the bookings are properly recorded using a database, so there is transparency and proper organized reports, thus making managing taxi services much more easier.

  Mindnotix has worked with a taxi mobility application, called Nava Cabs, in which a user can register himself by downloading the mobile app from play store and make taxi bookings. You can also select the type of vehicle, according to the number of passengers or whichever you feel comfortable. When you make a booking, the nearest drivers of the taxi service are alerted, and they can accept the booking, making things independent. That is you need not have someone to assign bookings to drivers, thus saving time and money.