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Top Mobile Analytic Tools

Top Mobile Analytic Tools

Top Mobile Analytic Tools

2 weeks ago, Mindnotix,

Analytics is becoming viral these days. The reason is that Analytics help understand the Business Trend, or what users do or expect. While Analytics is important for business, it is vital for an app too. Mobile Applications have analytic tools that help understand the user experience and give valuable information about how the app is used and accepted by users worldwide.
  There is a general question, what can we measure with Mobile Analytics or what is the use of it. Well, we are going to see about that now. Analytics is some measurement of the app, it may be anything, like the number of downloads of the app, the Country where our app is used widely, how frequently our app is used, or how many active users our app has, and so on.. Its very interesting that lot of tools exists to measure these kinds of metrics and much more. Let’s see some of the top mobile analytic tools.

Google Analytics:
  Yes, Google comes everywhere, and it has also found its roots in Analytics. Using this tool, we can find the number of users using our app, from which region they are from, measure in-app payments, and find out what feature they are navigating to and fro, thereby understanding user behaviour, generate reports, and measure what users are mostly doing in the app. These parameters can help to study the areas that needs concentration and it gives us the information of which things users like, and so, we can improve the user experience and retain them.

  Fabric is really a boon to the developers, because it focuses on app crashes and gives you information about the crash in brief. It is integrated while building the app, and what it does is, if a crash occurs, the Error Code, Error Message and the Line Number where the Error occurred is sent to the developer or the registered mail. It also gives information such as make and model of the mobile and the operating system . So, it becomes easy for us to rectify the fault and prevent further crashes.

  Firebase is generally used to send push notifications to the app, but besides that feature, it also gives some analytic data, it gives us monthly active users, daily active users and also crash free users, then how much revenue our app makes, if it is monetized, and from which part of the world our app users are from, is highlighted in a map.

Flurry Analytics:
  This is also a tool which offers Analytics. It provides custom dashboards, which we can customize according to our needs. It helps to find technical information like Device info, Carrier, Firmware Version and Errors. Other information that can be got are: the number of users using the app, how frequently they use the app, plus it offers various filters like age, country, usage, etc.

  Appsee gives importance to visualization. It supports crash reporting and user logs. It gives information like which navigation item in our app is used more often, and how many users use the app at specific time intervals. It also gives data about user sessions and gestures.