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Encyclopaedia – AR for Education

1 year ago, Mindnotix,

Augment Reality gives next level of presenting contents in education book with real experience. It will be the best technology learns in upcoming days, almost all contents published as a book will be converted as AR Book for interactive learning. We have converted Encyclopaedia in to AR book with voice over’s and 3D experience of elements. The user just needs to scan the images given in the Encyclopaedia and they can see a virtual view of the product. Through this application learning can be made more effective and interesting.
Client Requirements
Our client came up with a requirement to develop an application through which learning can be more effective and interesting. Client asked to develop an AR application in which the images need to be scanned and virtual view of the image should be viewed. Client said that the virtual view should keep on changing according to the image which is scanned.
The challenges mentioned by the client was that in this smart world, education system should also be smarter but the old paper and pen education system makes the kids get bored on studies. This causes lots of frustrations among younger generations. In order to stop this, this application should be developed so that it can make the education system more pleasant.
Our Work
By gathering the complete requirements from the client, developers checked the feasibility of the project and tested the possibilities to provide the application which can satisfy all the client requirements. Once the requirements and the feasibility are checked we committed to deliver the demands on time with perfection.
The application is developed within the timeline according to the client requirements. It contains the following features
This application is very simple that even kids can use it. The image in the encyclopaedia needs to be scanned so that the image can be virtually viewed. This can bring excitement among kids and it also helps them to remember what they studied.
Work flow of the application
1.Register/ Login
2.Scan the images of the encyclopaedia
3.View the images virtually
After all the difficulties faced, the application is been developed successfully within the timeline by satisfying all the Client requirements.
Client felt so happy once he received the application. This application would be a great support to take their business to next level by providing user satisfaction.